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We give  back what we use 

Midwest Shake &Shingle  has always done its part to help preserve our environment by recycling our waist materials as well as giving back to mother earth what we have used. Over the years Midwest  has donate for the planting of over 250,000 cedar tree's in conjunction with the Washington St Department of Natural Resources and the United Stated Boy Scouts of America .Buy planting these cedar trees we feel that we have given back to our planet for future generations help beautify our wonderful rain forest of Washington state and to help replenish for generations of the future to able them to add to there homes the beauty of there homes that cedar bring to the communities  of today. Although most folks do not know that when timber is cut for lumber, logging operation do what is known as clear cutting , so all the timber is removed from that parcel of land, Pine, Douglas Fir ans well as the cedar. However the most of the large lumber operation do not replant cedar for it is a very slow growing tree and would not be

re-harvested  when the rest of the second growth tree's are mature. SO we feel we must put back what we all love for the children of our future. Virgin old growth tree's !!!

 The Cedar Shake,Slate & Tile Roof Experts 

       Our Mission:                  

  At Midwest Shake & Shingle it has been our philosophy to provide our customers a level of excellence unsurpassed by none.  Providing only the utmost in Elegance's and Quality for your home . Assuring you only the highest quality products and craftsmanship  available are being used.  It is our commitment to make your home improvement project, a pleasant experience, one you will remember. 
Leaving our customers extremely pleased is the key to our success, and its our firm belief that a happy customer spreading the word is the best form of advertisement there is. Our unparalleled warranty's are the best in the 


Cedar Shake Roofing inEden Prairie 

The best roofing system ever designed .Cedar Shakes the one of the oldest roofing products known to man kind. The renewable & recyclable  natural resource that leave no pollutants behind . 

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     The   Best  Choice for a Restoration Contractor &  Supplies , for all  your home improvement needs!  Where there's only one quality. 

           "THE BEST"  

  Our founder realized  from the start to be the best , you have to produce the absolute best in each and every job you do.  Not by a bit, but way above and beyond the rest, and that success was merely  by product of this dedicated commitment to quality. To do flawless workmanship on each and every job we roof.  With this basic principle  Midwest  became the contractor of choice. This was or philosophy over  35 years ago as well as it is today !

 Dale MerKord 

 MIDWEST CEDAR                  SHAKE  Since 1981

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